old macdonald

Old MacDonald


Its the final round of the $64,000 question
and only 3 remaining contestants are left, an
Englishman, a Texan and an Arkansan. The question is,
finish the following song title and spell
the answer. " Old Macdonald had a ____". The
Englishman goes 1st and says "estate" "e-s-t-a-t-e".
The announcer says sorry wrong answer, but right
spelling, meanwhile the Arkansan is going nuts he
is so excited he cannot control himself. The Texan
goes next and answers " Ranch", "r-a-n-c-h".
The announcer says sorry wrong answer but right
spelling, and the Arkansan  is jumping up and down
and he is so excited he almost screams. The
announcer turns to the Arkansan and says
"for $64,000 what is the answer". The Arkansan answers
"farm" , "e-i-e-i-o"