old blue

Old Blue

A man was opening a wildlife park and was needing a bear for an exhibit. He called some hunters and asked them if they could recommend someone who specialized in taking big game alive. They told him about a man that was a little unorthodox but the best in the business. He called the specialist and made arrangements to meet him at a spot in the woods where a bear had recently been spotted. After waiting a while an old beat up pickup backed in next to him. An old man jumped out and started unloading an unusual assortment of items. He took out a feather, some rope, a gun, and an old hunting dog. 'What are you going to do with all of this? Asked the park owner. "Well this is Old Blue,"  the old man said referring to the dog, " He's the best tracking dog there ever was. He is going to track the bear down and run him up a tree. Then I'm going to climb the tree with this feather and start tickling the bear. That will loosen his grip and he will fall out of the tree. Old Blue is trained to lunge between his legs as soon as he hits the ground and bite down with all of his might. The bear will throw his arms up in pain. That's when you take the rope and tie him up and we've got him." The old man said. "Wait a minute" Said the park owner. I want to take the bear alive. What's the gun for?" The old man looks at the gun and says "That's in case the bear knocks me out of the tree first.........then you shoot Old Blue!"